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Taylor sends graduation flowers to a fan

Started 5 months ago by RachelLovesTaylor
15 replies
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Re: Taylor sends...

Last post 106 minutes ago by Magoo76

The Swift Life: Taylor's app launch!!

Started 6 days ago by RachelLovesTaylor
13 replies
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Re: The Swift Life:...

Last post 42 hours ago by Dog Lover

Taylor Signs Multi-Faceted Deal With AT&T

Started 13 months ago by TayTayTay
19 replies
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Re: Taylor Signs...

Last post 6 days ago by Clueless

Taylor Swift song is helping to stop people...

Started 2 weeks ago by 13SparksFly13
3 replies
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Re: Taylor Swift song...

Last post 9 days ago by TayTayTay

Taylor sends flowers to LAPD in wake of Vegas...

Started 2 weeks ago by RachelLovesTaylor
3 replies
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Re: Taylor sends...

Last post 12 days ago by JDMaleSwiftie

Taylor returning to Spotify/Pandora

Started 4 months ago by Big Red 23
48 replies

Taylor Swift Donates $250,000 to Kesha After...

Started 20 months ago by KevinRose
14 replies
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Re: Taylor Swift...

Last post 13 days ago by Dog Lover

Taylor donates fan pack to Paul Martin's...

Started 7 weeks ago by SomeFearlessChick
4 replies
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Re: Taylor donates fan...

Last post 13 days ago by Dog Lover


  1. Chimpis09 avatar

    Long live

    Tue, Oct 17, 2017 at 5:15 PM Chimpis09 0 Comments

    I said remember this moment, in the back of my mind when as the car pulled away I left home. My grandmother was standing at the door waving goodbye as if she knew that was the last time we were gonna see each other again. And i captured that moment in my mind like a photograph. I look back at all the people that I left, all the friends whom which i had the time of my life with; and I...

  2. When I had my first break up. I cried for weeks on end. I had tissues by me and I kept stuffing my self with ice cream. I was so upset But Breathe On the fearless album was pretty much my band aid for my broken heart. Listening to breathe was my way of coping with my broken heart. Of course I did listen to white horse too. But breathe helped the most. But that happened...

  3. Anneli's random fun fact for October 16, 2017: Five years ago, today, State of Grace became the last promotional single off Red! i feel old.

  4. Hey Swifties! Today I'm writing to you about something I'm concerned and mostly sad about. I'm active on Taylor Connect, TaylorSwift boost tickets program, Instagram, Twitter and a bit on Tumblr but the thing is that Taylor has never noticed me. I know it's really hard to get noticed by her and because of my work and stuff I'm busy and I don't have all my days to spend trying to get...

  5. Dyanne Swift avatar

    I miss being a fangirl!

    Mon, Oct 16, 2017 at 4:22 AM Dyanne Swift 2 Comments

    First of all. I want to say that I love Taylor Swift soooo much. The title? We all know that Tay is out for a break for about 2 years. So yes! I really miss being a fangirl. And now she's back, my fangirl heart is out again lol. So yes, I'm waiting for the whole album to come out on November and I'm excited to hear new songs from her. YAYYYYY. How about you? Share me your...